Shepard Fairey Urban Renewal Print Set

From Supply and Demand, pg. 210: The term “Urban Renewal” is typically used to suggest that part of a city that has been in decline is being restored. Sanctioned public art is sometimes part of this process. How ironic that street art is often considered a symptom of a neighborhood in decline. As taxpayers, we all own the public space, but the government and advertisers frequently control it. I prefer to see the public space used as a forum for expression. This, of course, has to be done in a logical and respectful way. Good street art, properly integrated, only enhances a city with visual stimulation and a flow of ideas. Advertisers, however, don’t want any competition. Don’t let the advertisers’ agendas dictate how your streets are used.

Osaka Highway Poster

Osaka Roof

Osaka Billboard

San Diego Billboard

San Francisco Banner

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