Tales of the Grails: Crowd 1 and 2

Some prints never come up. Or rarely. They hide around at high buy it now prices, unobtainable. But every once in a while some guy who picked one up at a surf shop in San Diego in 1997 and has it in the original frame and its a diptych and its called Crowd 1 and 2 shows up and then this happens. God bless.

Crowd 1 and 2 (diptych)

Year: 1997

Run Size: 100

Part of Set: Crowd

Size: 18x24

Paper: unknown

Print Type: Screen Print

Here is what Shepard says about the prints in Supply and Demand (p. 101):

For the propaganda series, I wanted to create symmetrical images that could be spread across two posters horizontally. Since I could only print 18 x 24” images by hand, I wanted to make larger images—diptychs—that could cover more space. It also saved money, because I could make just one piece of film for the image, print it, then flip the film for the mirror image but cut out the type so it wouldn’t read backwards. Essentially, I got two posters for the price of one.

They even came with the original stickers on the back...

Gabe Harvis